Rachel Catuiza



Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

34663KNES 5A1Indoor Cycling
35144KNES 5AX1Indoor Cycling
34252KNES 5AX3Indoor Cycling
34166KNES 11AX1Cardio Kick
34094KNES 15AX1Cross Training
34095KNES 15CX1Total Fitness
35152KNES 15CX2Total Fitness
35146KNES 15EX4Cardiovascular and Strength Training
35145KNES 19GX1Core Conditioning
34253KNES 19GX2Core Conditioning
35147KNES 19GX3Core Conditioning

Fall 2018

23538KNES 1B1Beginning Swimming
23539KNES 1C1Intermediate Swimming
23537KNES 2A1Aerobic Swimming
23430KNES 5AX1Indoor Cycling
23452KNES 5AX2Indoor Cycling
24074KNES 5BX1High Intensity Indoor Cycling
24667KNES 11A1Cardio Kick
23425KNES 15CX2Total Fitness
23429KNES 15CX3Total Fitness
23786KNES 15CX4Total Fitness
23565KNES 15CX5Total Fitness
24073KNES 15E1Cardiovascular and Strength Training
23479KNES 15EX5Cardiovascular and Strength Training
23787KNES 15EX7Cardiovascular and Strength Training
24668KNES 15F1High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT
24898KNES 15FX2High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT
23433KNES 16A1Fit Camp
24798KNES 17A1Plyometric Conditioning 1
23424KNES 19EX1Body Sculpting
23432KNES 19G1Core Conditioning
24669KNES 19G2Core Conditioning
24899KNES 20AX1Circuit Training 1
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