About Me

I began teaching at De Anza College as a part-time Animation Instructor in Spring 2017. I became a full-time Film/Television Animation faculty member in Fall 2017.

The bulk of my professional experience has been in creating art and animation for research applications and serious games. I worked for many years as a 3D animator in the "Virtual Humans" group at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies. Before that, I worked at USC’s Information Sciences Institute creating 3D and Flash animation, illustration, and web design for K12 online tutoring systems and games. I've also done freelance 2D and 3D animation work.

Classes I Teach

Fall 2019

25290F/TV 67A1Principles of Animation: 2D Media
24068F/TV 71G1LIntroduction to 3D Computer Animation: Modeling
24069F/TV 71H1LIntroduction to 3D Computer Animation: Character Motion
25292F/TV 72G1Animated Film Pre-Production Workshop
25293F/TV 72H1Animated Film Production Workshop
25294F/TV 72J1Animated Film Post-Production Workshop

Faculty Info


Teresa Dey
Full-Time Faculty






  • B.A. Fine Art, University of Maryland at College Park
  • M.F.A. Digital Arts & Animation, University of Southern California

Office Hours

You can find my office hours posted on my office door, or on my Canvas class pages. Feel free to email me in order to set up a time to meet!

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